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Wynn & Encore News

This page was updated 6/3/10

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Encore Beach Club Opens

Encore has a new Beach Club, a new Strip entrance, and a new walk-over bridge from the second level of the original WLV parking garage.  The landscaping is beautiful (as was expected) and the Encore Beach Club looks fantastic. The club opened on Memorial Day weekend to some rave reviews.  The (very expensive) private cabanas offer balconies that overlook the Strip.

The restaurant, Switch, now has windows that overlook the Beach Club. The new ultra-lounge, Surrender, is in the middle of what used to be the main entrance atrium. 

The rumors that the Baccarat lounge was moving to the Eastside Lounge are untrue. The lounge was closed for a few weeks while they installed six blackjack tables. It's now open. In fact, everything appears completed.

I took the photos (below) on 6/2/10 at around 5:00 p.m.

Let's discuss this on the blog



1/21/10    Wynn Refuses to Quit Tweaking His Resorts

About a year after the opening of Encore, Wynn has the entire front of the property torn up - preparing for a new pool oriented beach club. The Encore Beach Club and Surrender nightclub are slated to open on Memorial day. Poolside gambling will be a feature. 

The club is being built where the Las Vegas Blvd. Porte Cochère was.  The Switch restaurant in Encore will have a full view of the club.   Also seen below are two renderings (the source of which are a mystery as Wynn never gives us a sneak peak). The renderings may or may not be the actual project.  They may just be a very ambitious hobbyists work. But, based on the detail and layout, my guess is that they are the real deal.  

Another change in Encore is the removal of the drapes and palm plants in the casino.  Apparently, the casino seemed too compartmentalized. The space now has a much more open feel (I liked the more intimate draped rooms better).


Enocre Beach Club Construction Photos


Moving along quickly, the Encore Beach Club starts taking on a recognizable form. On the strip-side north, we see some color, a nice terra cotta. Also visible in the last two photos is the new pedestrian bridge to the original Wynn parking garage.

Photos 4/14/10 by Mark Adams

Come over to the blog to chat about this







This set, taken on 3/28/10 shows much progress







This a photo set taken on 3/12/10 by Mark Adams.  This helps to confirm the validity of the renderings above. The features that stand out are the curved shape of the southwest corner and the beginnings of what appears to be a bridge to the Wynn parking garage.




These photos below were taken on 1/4/10 by Mark Adams.



Encore Opens 12/22/2008

Large lines of anxious curiosity seekers wait in the chilly December 2008 air to see Encore.  Longer lines meandered inside Wynn LV choosing warmth over waiting time. 

The main entrance (off the Strip) opens to a modest atrium (above left). The atrium seems smaller than the vaulted ceiling  suggests as it is shared by two restaurants (Switch and Sinatra), the poker room, and the high-roller lounge.
The casino (above center and right) is rather unique and will undoubtedly be the most controversial elements of Encore.  The casino is divided into four quadrants (like WLV) each quad is divided into four smaller sections (parlors) with low ceilings.  Columns, palms and tied back drapes are at each corner of the smaller sections. This configuration makes it impossible to scope out the whole casino, giving Encore a closed-in feel. On a different note, these gambling "parlors" do provide a sense of intimacy for the gambler and studies have shown gamblers are more comfortable in smaller spaces with lower ceilings. 


Wynndows flank the rear of encore flooding the casino with natural light and providing a view of the pool area. Wynn spent big bucks on high-tech, non reflective glass for these "wynndows".  The glass allows folks to see the pool area from the casino at night (without reflecting the lights from the casino). The photos (above) were taken through these windows.

The last two shots are the main front desk (above left) and the Encore Tower Suites lobby (above right).

All photos by Mark Adams 12/22/08



Las Vegas Sale!


One sign up; one sign down
Steve Wynn worked a deal with Elad and is footing half of the removal costs of the old New Frontier sign to ensure that it's gone before Encore opens. Meanwhile (and simultaneously) the Encore sign rises on the far north point of the Wynn complex.
Photos 12/13/08 by Bill Adams and Mark Diederichsen


First Shots of Encore's Rooms


Encore's suites will have a divider between the sleeping and living areas with a swiveling 42" TV in the center. The room looks more modern than the rooms at Wynn. Mirrors seem to be the theme here, especially in the living room where an entire wall is mirrored.


THE Wynn Map       click to enlarge

Graphic and photo by Mark E Adams
Click image to enlarge

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas wins the neighborhood "Mine's Bigger than Yours" contest against Adelson (Palazzo) and Trump. The comedy here is the order in which these projects were announced and the small difference in their height. You guessed it, Palazzo was announced after Wynn, then Trump and finally Encore. Each being the tallest building in Las Vegas (on paper), for a brief time. Trump will top out first and hold the title until Encore soars eight feet taller.


Latest News and Views
NOTE: Inside Source facts are considered rumors

4/28/08  Wynn Reveals Plans for Golf Course

In an interview with Steve Friess (of TheStripPodcast.com), Steve Wynn announced that the Golf Course will be converted to a "spectacular", 1.5-million sq. ft. convention center (presumably along Paradise Road) flanked by two major hotels with a total of 5,200 rooms. This would bring the room total to 10,000+ for the whole of Wynn's domain.

A 20-acre lake (twice the size of the lake at Bellagio) with special effects, will fill the gap between the convention and the existing hotels. The  exhibition hall and ballroom will be on the lake. 

With the Las Vegas Convention Center to the east and the Sands Expo new plans to the south, there will be over six million sq. ft. of convention space concentrated within that area.

3/15/08  More Encore Buzz

Another report from 'close to the source' has revealed that the poker room at Wynn Las Vegas (while there were plans to move it to Encore) will stay where it is. Encore will not have a poker room.
One of the nightclubs in Encore will be right up front - overlooking the strip.

The pool area will be a major focal point of Encore. As noted before, one of the nightclubs will be pool concentric (similar to Backyard at Red Rock). There will be a commanding view of the pool area from the casino. Wynn spent a lot of money on high-tech, non reflective glass. The glass will allow folks to see the pool area from the casino at night (without reflecting the lights of the casino).

The regular suites at Encore will have more of a division between the sleeping and living sections. The flat-screen-TV will swivel between the two areas.

The information came from Jeff Simpson and was on the
Vegas Gang Podcast #3, available at:


11/8/07  Inside Scoop - Swiveling TV's and Butterflies

Our inside source revealed more tidbits about Encore Suites. Expect less flowers and more butterflies in the overall theme of the resorts interior design.

Similar to the sister resort, Encore Suites will have two main Porte Coheres, one on Las Vegas Blvd and one on the north (concave) side of the tower for VIPs. Both Porte Coheres will have ponds and waterfalls.

A mock guest-suite was also spied.  There will be more of a separation between the bed area and the living room. Some sort of wall will allow guests to view the swiveling TV from the bedroom or the living room.

Again folks, these are rumors and not necessarily facts.

10/28/07 More Details about Encore Suites from our inside source

There will be; 1,818 standard suites, 222 larger suites, 70,000 square foot casino,  6 restaurants, 8 bars and lounges (including a new nightclub), 11 world class retail outlets, 2 pools (one that can be seen from the casino floor), and a 50,000 square feet spa with 36 Treatment Rooms. 


10/27/07  Inside Scoop

According to an inside source, Encore Suites will have an interesting feature. Between the "garden" area and the casino, there will be a small indoor lake with two bridges to an island. The island will house the new poker room and the VIP high-limit slot area (that will surely keep the gawkers from breathing down the necks of the poker players).

The old poker room at WLV and the rooms around it will be removed, widening the corridor that now leads to the theaters (Le Reve and Spamalot). This reclaimed area will be an expansion to the WLV casino and the path to Encore (remember, this is just a rumor).

Older news stories at the bottom of this page



New Ped Bridge You Can't Use

11/28/07 A new pedestrian bridge is being completed over Sands Ave, connecting Wynn's new employee garage (behind Sands Expo) to the resort.

Sorry folks, only employees can use this bridge.


This shot of my rendering (above) shows location and shape of Encore

Click image to enlarge


Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas

In March 2005, less than two months before the opening of Wynn Las Vegas, The Steve announced plans for the $1.74 billion 2,034-suite Encore. The smallest suites will be 700 square feet (larger than the new rivals, Palazzo and Caesars Augustus Tower). The 230-square-foot bathrooms will be larger than some old Las Vegas hotel rooms. The casino will be 70,000 square feet. Five restaurants, 11 retail shops and 60,000 Sq. Ft. of additional meeting and conference facilities are also in the plans.

The Encore at Wynn Las Vegas will be a separate property, however both properties will be connected via the public areas and run as one.

This project will make Wynn Las Vegas the fifth largest hotel in the world with 4,740 rooms and suites. Palazzo at the Venetian will be completed before Encore taking the Venetian to the #1 spot with over 7000 rooms.

Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas is scheduled to open in December of 2008. The site is north of the existing property and directly across the strip from the New Frontier.

An Ostensible View Inside Encore

April 2008

According to a recent interview with The Steve, Encore's casino will
be patterned after Wynn Macau (heavy on the columns and drapes)
The photo (left) is the casino at Wynn Macau.

In the same interview, Wynn said the rooms at Encore would be similar to his Diamond Suites at Macau (pictured left). A definite notch above the Wynn Las Vegas fare.

Click images to enlarge



Encore Construction Photos




Getting ready for its December 22nd grand opening,  Encore is getting tucked-in with landscaping. The lamps (with shades) are back, but this time they're a nice bronze color which makes them less obtrusive than the white lamps surrounding WLV.

The butterflies (which will be a recurring theme throughout Encore) can be seen adorning the glass dome at the strip entrance.

Photos 12/2/08 by  John Diosdado


The last two photos show more butterflies installed in WLV at the Encore egress (near the Wynn Theater) and some "petermaxesque" butterfly carpet.  Workers at Wynn Theater are preparing the theater for the Danny Gans premier.

Photos 11/30/08 by Dorothy Salas


The pool deck at Encore is looking great with beautiful sunbursts
in the pools. Clubs and restaurants surround the area. 
Photos 9/10/08 by Zahir Rajani



The first two shots show Encore's close proximity to the Strip. Most of the front yard is now cleared and ready for landscaping. The third photo shows the Porte Cochère with Fontainebleau rising in the background.

The aerial shots show the overall project. Landscaping can be seen along Desert Inn Rd (near the parking garage and VIP Porte Cochère). 

Ground photos 8/24/08 by Aaron Auxier
Aerial photos (flickr find) by AlexUSA


This great shot shows the maturing of the podium level. Both the VIP and main Port Cochère are well defined. A large glass roof (for the garden) can be seen behind the main Port Cochère.,
Photo 7/11/08 by Dan McLean


This shot (from a helicopter) was taken by
Vider Sundsback on 7/5/08


The fascia on the Strip side of Encore is looking good
Photo 6/26/08 by Zach Henderson


Two nice shots of Encore's pool area show two pools surrounded by a nightclub and restaurants. The close-up shows leak-test-water in one of the unfinished pools.
Photos 6/17/08 by an
anonymous reader.


The Porte Cochère of Encore is getting dressed with a classy crown treatment (top far left). Stone siding can be seen (top left). Sky, Stratosphere and Fontainebleau make a nice backdrop (bottom left).
Photos 6/2/08 by Jay Abramson


A beautiful shot of Encore and her big sister as seen
from the Palazzo's pool area
Photo 5/30/08 by Dan Maldonado


Still cleaning Encore (far left).
The front entrance will have an atrium behind the
Porte Cochère (center left). 
Photos 5/20/08 by Aaron Auxier


An early morning  glamour shot of Encore
with Palazzo and Trump
Photo 5/14/08 by Steve and Kim


Although a few weeks old, this photo (sent in by an anonymous reader) shows the progress of the pool and pool-club area of Encore.  The  narrow, open rectangle (just to the left  of center) is now covered by a large skylight and is the path visitors will use to travel between the two resorts.


Finally, Encore getting its first bath
Photo 5/5/08 by Clint Bautz


Encore and WLV dwarf TI in this photo (far left) by Aaron Auxier taken 3/16/08 from Palms Place
Encore's side glass is filling in (near left)
Photo 3/14/08 by Mark Diederichsen


The Encore logo, looking good
Photo by Mike P
courtesy of our friends at


The front entrance - podium level
is taking shape
Photo 3/9/08 by Aaron Auxier


The logo is getting installed and it will read, simply, Encore
Photo 3/9/08 by Jsnod


The crown almost complete (far left)
and a shot using perfect light (and a good camera)
photos 2/14/08 by Holomeus


It's hard to believe that none of this was here
just four short years ago. 
Photo 2/9/08 by Dusty Wittman




Brian Fey captured these fine photos of Encore's construction on 2/2/08

We can see the maturing of the pool area, meeting space and main casino areas.

The crown getting its glass
Photo 1/30/08 by Dusty Wittman


Swoop frame completed
Photo 12/29/07 by Scott Pinkerton


A look from both sides
Shot from the north (right) 12/09/07 by Mark Diederichsen
Shot from the south (far right)12/07/07 by Joe Chowaniec

The two-story open area on the top floors of Encore, (far left)
is reported to be a VIP Casino/Lounge

The main pool is very large (near left)
Photos 11/18/07 by Mark Adams

Last floor completed, official floor count 53
The swoop-crown is in progress.
Photos 11/13/07 by Mark Adams


Encore glistening in the late afternoon of
10/19/07, with the cranes of
Echelon Las Vegas
in the foreground. Photo by Mark Diederichsen


Encore overtaking its older sister
photo 10/17/07 by Aaron Auxier


54 floors and counting
Photo 10/13/07 by Charlie Shen



Getting close to the top
Photo 10/04/07 by Davy Ligneel



Nice shot from the Stratosphere by
Erik Warnke on 9/30/07



Encore's casino building is seen in
this photo 9/22/07 by Chad Minami




Is there an issue with Encore's glass?  Attempts to get an answer have all been thwarted.  It seems some of the floors are rather transparent (as seen in the photo upper-left)

The photo (lower-left) shows the worlds largest reading lamps, lighting the way for 24/7 construction.

Photos 9/10/07 by Mark Adams




Photo 8/17/07 by Brandon Elias
shows Encore up to 45 of its 60 floors
This building is going up fast.



Wynn Reflecting Wynn
Wynn Las Vegas is reflected in the windows of Encore.
Photo 7/15/07 by Ringtail Studios.



The absents of the Stardust allows
great views of the Wynn complex.
Encore is up to 40 of its 60 floors.
Photo 7/31/07 by Mark Adams



35 floors and counting
Construction photo 7/7/07 by Mike Shaffer



Photo 6/10/07 by Mark Diederichsen




Photo 6/2/07 by JR Restoule
Taken from 32nd floor of TI



Photo 05/14/07 by Andrew Livingston
shows a rapidly progressing Encore with
Trump in the background
Click image to enlarge



Mystery Solved

I received a couple dozen emails with guesses and answers to the mystery (below). Most of them figured the devices were some sort of irrigation system for the garden. Other guesses included a pyrotechnics system (hey, this is going to be indoors) and underwater lighting (like the Lake of Dreams) in the main resort.

Well, all but one of you were wrong. Someone who works for Bombard Electric (the company that is installing this) wrote in, explaining that this is a "walker duct", a system used to get power and data to the slot machines and gaming tables. You learn something new every day.

Now, reassessing the photo (left), we can see the area where the garden will be. Click image to enlarge



You guys know, I love a mystery, and this
is a good one. An intricate network of plumbing? Gas? Devices are being installed in the area where the "garden" will be.
Photos 5/7/07 by Bryan Fey




This puppy is going up fast.
25 floors and counting
Photo 05/05/07 by Mark Diederichsen



A definite family resemblance.
With the old parking garage out of the way,
Mark Diederichsen captures this view on 4/10/07.
Click image to enlarge




Photos 4/1/07 by Mark E. Adams
Click images to enlarge



Photo 3/17/07 by Bill Adams,
confirms the glass color is the same
as the existing resort.




At 18-floors and counting, Encore is making a solid
strip presence. The new valet parking garage can be
seen  on the east side and the indoor garden area
is getting its floor, in the foreground

Photos 3/5/07 by Mark Diederichsen



A fire in the old shopping area of the Stardust is an interesting backdrop for this Encore construction photo of 2/13/07 by Mark E. Adams

Encore is up to its 17th-floor




In Wynn's existing tower, the bay-type short sides of the building house staircases. Not so with Encore, only the east side (left) has a  staircase. The north side (right) will be bay-windows for a new class of high-end suites.

Click the images to enlarge



Photo 2/1/07 shows Encore's valet garage on its right.
So far there is no evidence of the fabled angled west side of the tower.

Click image to enlarge



Photo 1/11/07 by Daniel Lamontagne shows
Encore up to its 11th floor.

Click image to enlarge



Photo 12/13/06 by Mark Diederichsen
shows seven floors up - working on eight
Click image to enlarge



Construction photo 9/15/06
Working on the second floor

Mystery-hole in Encore's front yard
 (most likely a water feature)
Photo 9/15/06

Click Images to enlarge



Construction photo 8/5/06
Click Image to enlarge



Construction photo 6/24/06
Click image to enlarge



First construction photo of Encore 5/25/06
                            Click image to enlarge.




Archived News and Views

4/5/07 Wynn adds a parcel of land

Wynn Resorts get the coveted Chamber of Commerce land it's wanted for some time now. The triangular, 4.65-acre site is adjacent to Wynn's golf course which is slated for redevelopment in 2009 (after Encore opens).

The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is relocating to the mixed-use, Town Square project at Las Vegas Blvd. and the 215.

2/22/07 More high-roller suites

Plans were submitted to the Clark County planning commission for four high-end villas on the south end of Wynn Las Vegas. The plans call for a 25,557-sq. ft. building (these will be big suites). The suites will include: private pools, private parking and resort entrance, media room, spa, and massage space.

2/22/07 Le Reve Theater to get makeover (less is more)

Le Reve (by Franko Dragone creator of Cirque du Soleil) will be dark for one month
(March 6th through April 5th) so that the show and the theater can receive a makeover. 

The makeover includes; reducing the number of seats from 2,087 to 1,606, replacing the seats with larger (more luxurious) ones, reducing the number of rows from 14 to 12, adding new (high-tech) lighting for the show, and reworking some of the "dreams".


The secondary sign is being removed

From day one, I thought that the main sign at Wynn Las Vegas was
 truly original and entertaining - The best sign on the strip. The other
sign, which advertises the shows (near the garage) was kind of ugly and
seemed temporary. Well, I was right. The ugly sign is coming down, most
likely to make room for the Encore sign.

photos from our friends at ratevegas.com

Wynn Encore News and Views

2/16/07 For those of you who have followed the speculation of Encore being wider (overhanging) at the upper most floors, well the truth of that matter is out. I spoke with two suits (carrying rolled-up floor-plans) in the Wynn garage. They assured me that the Encore tower would be exactly like the other tower (except for the width, girth and height). All walls are plumb. The swoop (on top) will be tallest on the west end (as we figured).

2/8/07 The eight-story parking garage (below) was imploded at
 2 a.m. on March 6th.  CDI is the demo company setting the charges. The Garage was built in 1997 along with the Desert Inn's (DI) Palms Tower. When Wynn bought the DI and removed it to build Wynn Las Vegas and Encore, he added another 25% to the garage and used it for his 9,000 employees.

Watch the implosion

More Implosions

4/02/06   Wynn Inflates Encore Plans

The price tag for the upcoming Encore at Wynn Las Vegas has been increased to $1.74 billion. The new plans increase the room count to 2054, move the employee parking (see my projection below), and build an employee pedestrian bridge over Sands Ave. Stay tuned for more as this project nears its planned April 28th groundbreaking.

Steve Wynn stated that there would be "a very big use of atriums and gardens" and that there would be a hook (like the mountain at WLV and the fountains at Bellagio), but (as usual) it's a secret for now.

Other News and Rumors:  Wynn may be looking to purchase the Chamber of Commerce site to append the golf course redevelopment project.



4/28/06 Encore Breaks Ground  

Many city officials, local dignitaries and a mix of Wynn Las Vegas Employees gathered this morning with Steve and Elaine Wynn for the official groundbreaking of Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. 

Steve revealed some details including a beach-style pool club which is reminiscent of his haunt in St. Tropez. He said the weather is the issue with having a pool based club in Vegas. The pool area will be heated in the winter, misted in the summer and include a major (undisclosed) feature.

The curved tower will be of the same glass and white stripe design and will be turned with its concave side facing the north strip. Don't expect any renderings from Wynn's team (see my renderings above).

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas is scheduled to open between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2008.

Once Encore opens, Wynn plans to go ahead with his plans to redevelop the golf course. The plans call for at least four boutique hotels which will surround a large lake. The existing employee parking garage (bordering Encore's north side) will be demolished and that area will be used as the Las Vegas Blvd. entrance to Encore and the future golf course development.


A massive drill
waits for its cue
 Steve, Elaine and top officials put shovels to dirt in the
 ceremonial groundbreaking tradition.


4/28/06 Steve and Elaine chat before the ceremony


Wynn Las Vegas Begins Planning Expansion of Existing Resort
Preliminary plans set before the Clark County planning commission call for a 20,000 square foot addition to the existing casino which will make the tie-in with Encore and additional restaurants and shops. The new 146,000 square foot structure is planned for the northeast corner of the resort and is pending almost certain approval by the county board.

As always, Wynn's lips are sealed about much of the details for his projects. I know that these changes call for more overall land use.


Wynn Building New Employee Garage Behind Sands Expo. (check, your move)

Construction has begun on a large employee parking garage which will be used by both Wynn Las Vegas and Encore employees. This construction thwarts my original projection that Wynn and Sands might split the block into more usable portions. The Steve has played a blocking-maneuver by building the garage on the thin strip which separates the two Sands parcels. (see map below)







The photo below was taken 8/3/08 Photo 03/21/07 Garage completed and in-use

This image taken 8/7/06 shows how Wynn's new garage behind the Sands Expo blocks Sands from expanding the expo onto contiguous space. The garage is conveniently across Sands Ave. from Wynn Las Vegas.

Wynn & Sands Buy Portions of the Same Block

1/15/2006   No news has been released on this yet. My sources are the public relations office at the Venetian and the Clark County Assessors Office.

There's a 38 acre block of land behind the Sands Expo on the corner of Sands and Koval. This was recently the home of two separate apartment complexes. A few months ago I discovered that the apartments were gone and investigated to find that Wynn bought one and Adelson (Sands/Venetian) bought the other.

Steve Wynn has had an issue with the Venetian and Sands Expo parking for some time now. He has made a formal complaint to the county and the county has mandated that Adelson fix the issue. It seems that there is not enough parking and the employees and convention patrons are parking at nearby resorts. Since Wynn Las Vegas is next door, The Steve doesn't want his ample parking spaces used by his neighbor's employees and guests. This parcel could solve that issue.

Wynn is building Encore and will need to use the space that the existing employee parking structures uses.  That structure will be destroyed before Encore opens. This parcel would allow Wynn to build a new employee parking garage.


The two parcels are configured as shown (on the map above), with the blue area belonging to Wynn (aprox. 18 acres) and the green area belonging to Sands (aprox 20 acres).

Wynn Golf Course Redevelopment

As usual with Steve Wynn, details are sparse about his concept to bulldoze his lovely, brand new golf course in order to clear room for an urban village development. A Wall Street source claims the project, tentatively called Wynn Golf Course Redevelopment, is said to include at least 4 boutique-hotels with a total of 5,000 hotel rooms and several condo high and low rise buildings. These will be scattered around a large lake. The project's expected cost will be around $4 billion and has a planned opening date in 2010 right after MGM's CityCenter opens.

One would assume that at least one of the new hotels would front Paradise Road serving the Las Vegas Convention Center.


Desert Inn History

From the Desert Inn's beginnings through its many expansions to its demise to make room for Wynn Las Vegas. This progression is noteworthy. Click here to view it.

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