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    Giant Wheel News
       This page was updated 7/16/09

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Vegas Wheels

The folks at Voyager Entertainment and The Great Wheel Corp. insist that a giant, 600+-foot-tall observation wheel will be built in Las Vegas. So far, there have been six locations on or near the Las Vegas strip. All but one have failed. Note: It's not the folks at Voyager who are failing, the resort proposals fail.   The renderings of each of these locations can be seen below.

Starting from the top-left:

London Resort / El Rancho site (TGWC)
London Resort / Across from Luxor (TGWC)
Rio  (Voyager)
Palace by the Sea Resort / Wet and Wild site (Voyager)
Voyager Resort / Westward Ho site  (Voyager)
Montreux / New Frontier site (TGWC)

The Six Failed Vegas Wheel Locations

ead more about these projects on the Dreams page

NEWS 7/16/09 Now a seventh location behind the Flamingo and IP is possible.

read more here


Not your Grandpa's Ferris Wheel


The Voyager Pods

The orbiter pods on these super-wheels; seat 20 people, have restrooms, are air-conditioned,  and  have a cocktail server. Other configurations  of the cabs will be available, such as the wedding chapel orbiter (below) and a meeting-room orbiter.

A once-around ride takes about 45 minutes 

In many of the concepts (above) a multi-level nightclub encases the hub of the wheel. One can pass, from one side of the club to the other, by walking through the hub.


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