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     The Smith Center News
         This page was updated 7/25/11


Currently under construction, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts will be the centerpiece in the city's 61-acre Symphony Park development. The art-deco styling was inspired by the Hoover Dam. Built to last, this project uses Indiana limestone and granite instead of EIFS.

The center will house three venues: The 2,050-seat Reynolds Hall, with a full orchestra pit capable of seating up to 100 musicians; the 300-seat cabaret theater that overlooks Symphony Park (great for jazz, cabaret and other performances); and the 200-seat studio theater for rehearsals, children's theater, community events and private gatherings.

The project is anchored on the northeast corner by a 170-foot-tall bell tower with 46 handcrafted bronze bells which span over four octaves.

This is another in a series of LEED certified (green) buildings in the Las Vegas valley.



The Smith Center Renderings



Location Location Location

The Smith Center is located in the heart of the city's 61-acre Symphony Park development


The Anatomy of the Facade

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts is designed to be a 200-year building. No EIFS is used, after all, this is a LEED Green building.

The public area facade is clad with 3" thick limestone. The non-public area will be clad using a three-step plaster process (with the appearance of limestone).

An earlier shot (from 6/3/10 - below) only showed the plaster side of the facade mockup. I received several comments from architectures and construction folks claiming that the facade in the photo was not limestone.

I made a return trip to the site and ventured to the other side of the fence to get a better look and discovered the real limestone.

So, this is going to be a very well built structure with NO (and I repeat), NO EIFS used.   Come join the discussion on the blog
   click image to enlarge


The Smith Center  -  Construction Photos

A couple of night shots of the tower
Photos 7/24/11 by Mark Adams

Come join the discussion on the blog

Much progress has been made on the project.
The bell-tower (clarion) is stunning, clad in stainless steel.
Photos 6/5/11 by Mark Adams

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Don't worry, this is not the color of The Smith Center, it's merely the first step in the three-step plaster process,
Photos 9/23/10 by Mark Adams



A closer look at the facade reveals the true limestone.
Photos 7/2/10 by Mark Adams


This project is moving along nicely - bell tower under wraps
The second row shows a mock-up of the facade.

Photos 6/3/10 by Mark Adams






Mostly framed-out, the Smith Center is looking great.
The bell tower is topped out as well
Photos 3/9/10 by Mark Adams

Come join the discussion on the blog


The construction photos (above) were taken on 11/30/09 and show the tower/fly-space section of the theater (the large opening above the stage) almost completed. photos by Mark Adams



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