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     Panorama Towers News
         This page was updated 4/15/09
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Towers one and two have the curved style (above).

Towers three and four have a more angular "retro" 50's-60's design (below)

Panorama Towers

Panorama Towers will feature two 33-story towers and two 44 story towers, each with more than 300 units. Suites range from 700 to 4,400 square feet, all offering 10-foot-high ceilings that accentuate the lofty high-rise lifestyle.

An upscale shopping pavilion will offer conveniences such as a bakery, coffee shop and European laundry. It also will house Pure Grocery. The gourmet market will offer the freshest fruits and vegetables along with seafood and meats, baked goods, wines and spirits, and New York-style deli selections.

Located on Industrial (Dean Martin Dr.) at Harmon, Panorama Towers will be just across the freeway from MGM's Project City Center on the famed Las Vegas Strip. Interstate 15 and local highways provide easy access to other locations in the Las Vegas valley. Tower one is now open, tower two will be ready by spring '07 and tower three is under construction.

Amenities include:

  • Concierge and valet service

  • Private theater and screening room

  • Pool with Jacuzzi and private cabanas

  • Spa facilities, featuring massage rooms and saunas

  • Fitness facilities, offering yoga and Pilates


Towers one and two are between towers three and four
(from left to right; tower 3,1,2 then 4)  


Panorama Towers News and Views

9/17/07   New Model Shots




Panorama Towers Construction Photos


The completed trio (with the holes glowing purple) looks pretty darn good.
Photo 04/12/09 by Greg Clarke


The (seldom photographed) backside of Tower Three is beautiful (I think this side should have faced the Strip).
Photos 12/23/08 by Mark Adams


Looks good from the outside.
Interior work continues for Panorama Tower Three.
The low-rise, live-work loft units can be seen in
 front of towers 1 & 2.
Photo 10/19/08 by Daniel Harris

Photo 7/19/08 by Miguel Villegas  

The crown on tower three is being installed.
Photo 7/9/08 by Reggie Sanchez

    A beautiful shot by Jay Abramson, shows Tower III looking good.
Photo 5/15/08

Another shot from last April shows more detail


Panorama - tower three looks to be topped-out
Photo 4/20/08 by Mark Diederichsen.


At 40 floors, Panorama Tower III still has four floors to go until its topped-off. Photo 3/16/08 by Aaron Auxier.


Panorama Tower III is now as tall as its sisters, with ten floors to go.
This project blends beautifully with CityCenter (seen rising in the background). Photo 2/24/08 by Jon Buhay.


Getting tall quickly
Photo 1/16/08 by Daniel Harris


Nice shot of the trio
Photo 12/16/07 by Mark Diederichsen


Working on the 26th floor

Photo 11/16/07 by Mark Adams



The Lofts at Panorama Towers (far left) is nearing completion
and getting glass installed. These lofts are facing east on Dean
Martin Dr and have a CityCenter view.

Panorama Tower 3 (near left) is up to its 21st floor and looking great.

Photos 10/15/07 by Aaron Auxier


Panorama Towers (tower three) taking shape
in these photos 9/12/07 by Mark Adams



Panorama Towers - tower three is  filling with
glass. and starting to show off its form.
Photo 08/29/07 by Aaron Auxier



Panorama tower three - up to 14 floors
Photo 7/30/07 by Mark Adams


Tower three reaches eight floors
Photo 5/21/07 by Scott Becker


Tower three is up to its fourth
floor in this shot from 4/1/07 by
Mark Adams


All skinned and ready, tower two's
exterior (left) is complete.

Tower three is going vertical (right) with
the Palms' trio of towers as a backdrop
Photos 2/14/07 by Mark E. Adams
Click images to enlarge


Construction photo12/04/06
Finishing the crown
CityCenter construction in the foreground
 Click image to enlarge



Construction photo 09/23/06
 Click image to enlarge


Construction 8/21/06 working on the crown
 Click image to enlarge



Photo 5/15/06
Click image to enlarge


Construction photo 2/03/05 
Click image to enlarge



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