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   Palazzo / Venetian / Sands News
     This page was updated 11/11/08

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News 10/9/08  Las Vegas Sands Corp. suspends all projects to raise new capital

As reported by the Associated Press, The Las Vegas Sands Corp. will suspend all projects (including the St. Regis Residences) in order to raise $2.41 billion in new capital. This will shore up the company and deflect any worries of bankruptcy. There was no timeline given for the resuming of the construction.
read the whole article here

9/25/08  New Renderings of The St. Regis Condo tower


News 9/4/08    Condo Tower Gets Developer and Name Change

The condo tower being constructed between the Venetian and Palazzo will be developed and run by Starwood Hotels and Resorts. The development has been renamed The St. Regis Residences at the Venetian Palazzo, Las Vegas - wow, that's a long name, I wouldn't want to answer the phones there.


2/14/08 First Renderings of Next Major Expansion

The Venetian/Palazzo/Sands Expo (MEGACENTER) is going to get even bigger. Although no announcement has been made, the renderings (below) tell the story of the next major proposed project by Las Vegas Sands. These are very early renderings and I expect many changes before any construction starts.

The next expansion (UberMEGACENTERCity) will include another hotel (yup, I said another hotel) another condo tower, and a two (count 'em) two-million square-foot expo center.

This will be an interesting project on many levels:

  • LOCATION - The Hotel and Condo use a good portion of the existing Sands Expo space (behind Palazzo). That space will be recovered by adding another floor to the un-destroyed remains of Sands Expo.

  • LOGISTICS - A new two-million square foot Expo center will be built on the Sands owned land east of the Wynn employee parking garage. A long pedestrian bridge will ferry patrons between the two Expos. Wynn built a bridge from the garage, across Sands Ave. (under the monorail), this new bridge will run perpendicular to Wynn's bridge and either go over it or under it (too funny, I love those guys). More on the Wynn's blocking moves below.   

  • DESIGN - From a design aspect, since this project will not be very visible from the Strip, Sands is not adhering to their old-world Venetian style. The new Expo and both towers are ultra-modern.

Click images to enlarge



2/14/08  New renderings of The St. Regis Residences tower

The renderings (above) show an elevation of the tower (left) and the condo tower's sky lobby (right). The tower is under construction.

Palazzo Open
Grand Opening 1/17/08

Opening night photo by Jon Buhay

Shots of the Casino sent in by John 1/20/08


Photos from the soft opening 12/30/07 by Mark Diederichsen
Only a few of the restaurants and shops are open at this time.
The Grand Opening is scheduled for 1/17/08.

More interior shots by Daniel Lamontagne from 1/7/08


The latest rendering of Palazzo includes the new condo tower.
Click image to enlarge


Las Vegas Sands officials unveiled previously undisclosed details about the company's $1.8 billion, Palazzo project, which it described as "a world-class luxury hotel, casino and resort with a design and ambience reminiscent of high-end locales such as Beverly Hills, Bel-Air and Rodeo Drive."

The new resort is adjacent to The Venetian and the Sands Expo and Convention Center, and across Sands Avenue from Wynn Las Vegas.

Guests arriving from the street will enter the 60-foot-glass-domed entry lobby featuring two-story fountains. Those approaching from The Venetian will make the transition through a towering octagonal structure, itself topped by a glass and iron dome.

The new resort will include an all-suites, 50-floor luxury hotel tower with 3,068-rooms, including 375 concierge-level suites and six villas with up to 11,000 square feet each. The 105,000-square foot casino will have 1,900 slot machines and 80 table games. The 250,000-square foot pool deck will connect seamlessly with the Venetian's pool deck. Palazzo's pool deck will have an outdoor restaurant and two private villas.

On 2/3/07 an additional 270-unit condo tower was added to the mix. The tower will be built between Palazzo and Venetian.

There will also be a 450,000-square foot enclosed shopping, dining and entertainment complex, which is expected to include 80 high- and mid-end retailers (connecting with the existing Canal Shops at the Venetian), and 450,000 square feet of added meeting and conference space (which will connect to the Sands Convention Center).

Palazzo Model
Model images from ratevegas.com

Click images to enlarge

Interesting features of the Palazzo

Visitors of the Palazzo (using the massive 4,000-space underground parking garage) will take elevators or escalators from the garage directly to the center of the property's casino. That's a far cry from the meandering maze one must endure from the Venetian parking to its casino.

Palazzo has many features that cater to the high-rolling, baccarat-loving Asian gambler. The two poolside villas have private elevators which take the guests directly to the 5,000 square foot baccarat pit.

When finished, the combined Palazzo, Venetian and Sands Expo and Convention Center will be the largest resort and hotel complex in the world, with  7,074 hotel rooms and suites. With the new condo tower the complex will have 7344 keys.

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas wins the neighborhood "Mine's Bigger than Yours" contest against Adelson (Palazzo) and Trump. The comedy here is the order in which these projects were announced and the small difference in their height. You guessed it, Palazzo was announced after Wynn, then Trump and finally Encore. Each being the tallest building in Las Vegas (on paper), for a brief time. Trump will top out first and hold the title until Encore soars eight feet taller.

Graphic and photo by Mark E Adams    Click image to enlarge



Palazzo Venetian News & Views

Palazzo Wins the Green

4/9/08   Palazzo was granted LEED 'green' certification and the designation of being the "worlds largest LEED certified building"

Read the press release here  4-0


10/9/07  AAA upgrades Venetians rating to Five Diamonds

AAA has upgraded the Venetian to a Five Diamond rating (from its previous Four Diamond status). The executives at the Venetian all received a healthy bonus due to the result their hard work brought.  This is now the sixth Five Diamond resort in the greater Las Vegas area.

Since Palazzo is to be an upgraded addition to the Venetian, a Five Diamond rating most likely awaits it as well.

The Venetian holds a Four-Star rating with the more stringent Mobile rating system.

NEWS 2/4/07    Construction begins on previously rumored, strip-front condo tower

A (yet unnamed) 270-unit condo tower on the Las Vegas strip, will be part of the massive Venetian/Palazzo complex. The (until now, rumored) tower  is being built on top of the 90,000 square foot building that will house retail. The tower is reported to be of a modern glass design which, this reporter feels will most probably clash with the neo-classical style of the existing and soon-to-be structures.
No renderings or details of this addition have yet been released, so opinions may change.

 Wynn & Sands buy parts of the same block


This image taken 8/7/06 shows how Wynn's new garage behind the Sands Expo, blocks Sands from expanding the Expo onto contiguous space. The Garage is conveniently across Sands Ave. from Wynn Las Vegas.


Check, your move

7/13/06  There's a 38-acre block of land behind the Sands Expo, on the corner of Sands and Koval. This was recently the home of two separate apartment complexes. A few months ago, I discovered that the apartments were gone and investigated to find that
Wynn bought one and Adelson (Sands/Venetian) bought the other.

Steve Wynn has had an issue with the Venetian and Sands Expo parking for some time now. He has made a formal complaint to the county and the county has mandated that Adelson fix the issue. It seems that there is not enough parking and the employees and convention patrons are parking at nearby resorts. This parcel could solve that issue.

Wynn is building a large employee garage on part of his portion. Although, Wynn's strategic placement of the garage makes sense for Wynn, logistically, it impedes any chance of Sands linking their portion to the existing Expo.

Adelson Building Parking Garage on Harrah's Property

ven with the huge underground parking garage being built under the Palazzo, Adelson is still coming up short in the parking category.  Arrangements have been made with Harrah's. Harrah's has allowed Adelson to build a parking garage on their property (see image left)  if Adelson lets Harrah's have the first few floors of it for their use. Venetian will use the upper floors for much needed employee parking. It will be linked by bridges to the existing Venetian parking garage.

This may let Adelson use his newly acquired property (behind Sands Expo) for other purposes.

Construction has started on the new garage and until it's completed, the employees of the Venetian and Sands Expo are parking at a lot behind Paris (leased from Harrah's) and shuttled to work.

Construction photo of 3/01/06 shows a 15-story garage

Click image to enlarge



 Construction Photos
click images to enlarge


With the wrapping removed, you can see the podium levels of the St Regis Tower.  According to LV Sands, although the tower construction is suspended,  the podium levels will be completed and will include another mega club that's similar to TAO and LAVO and, of course, the Walgreen's.

Photos 12/8/08 by
Don Pacho


These three shots of The St. Regis Residences tower show a bit of progress.
Photos 8/24/08 by Aaron Auxier

Two shots taken on 8/9/08 by Chad Minami     

      Two nice shots by Miguel Villegas from 7/19/08

The Palazzo Condo Tower is progressing slowly but surely. Photo 7/11/08 by Dan McLean

Keeping things under wraps, the veiled Palazzo Condo Tower
is slowly growing. The tower is up to its 11th floor. Since the tower
is surrounded by completed resorts, driveways, sidewalks, and people, the
covering protects them from falling objects.
Photos 4/20/08 by Aaron Auxier


The Palazzo condo tower, rising behind Palazzo's
(now open) pool area.
Photos 4/10/08 by Marco Schelbergen

Palazzo's condo tower rising.
Photo 3/25/08 by Aaron Auxier

The condo tower at Palazzo is moving more quickly now.
Photo 3/5/08 by Aaron Auxier

Palazzo Construction Photos
click images to enlarge


Even though the resort is up and running, the pool area at Palazzo will not open until March.
Photos 1/18/08 by jsnod

Working on the fourth floor of the building which will house a Walgreen's on the first floor and a condo tower above.
Photo 12/20/07 by Bill Adams 



With just a tad over a month to go before the soft opening, the smaller details are being tended to.
Photos 11/16/07 by Mark Adams.

High-roller suites and pools.
Workers scramble to get it done in time
for the December 20th opening.
Photo 11/11/07 by Andrew Stoner

A sneak peak inside Palazzo's retail mall.
The mall is an extension of the Canal Shops - and for those who were wondering, yes, the canal will be present here as well.

Photo 10/28/07 by Michael Peck courtesy of RateVegas.com

The corner at the strip and Sands is finally
getting its facade and landscaping at the main
port cochere. Photo 9/22/07 by Chad Minami



Joel Rosales of LeavingLasVegas.net, snuck some
great shots of the staircase inside the future Barney's on 9/11/07.

The windows in the first photo (upper-left) can be seen in the photo set below (upper-right) near the palm trees.
The shots were taken from the mall level. Thanks Joel.


OK, what's up with the pink and red lighting on Palazzo
(photo upper-left) Lets hope they're just testing colors and they hate both of these.

All photos in this set - 9/10/07 by Mark Adams


Palazzo is looking like it might
just make the December opening.
Photo 9/3/07 by Scott Becker

The Palazzo is getting its crown.
Photo 8/29/07 by Aaron Auxier


Captured some cool details at the
penthouse level and the pool deck in these photos
shot on 8/27/07.

Work is underway on the Walgreen's store
which will be the podium for the condo tower
Photo 8/24/07 by Steve Covington

The PALAZZO lettering was installed
this weekend. Photo 7/3/07 by Steve Fisher

Photos 7/31/07 by Mark Adams, show details of the tower. 
Click images to enlarge


Photos 7/7/07 by Mike Shaffer
cladding going up fast.

Photo 6/10/07 by Steve and Kim
shows a great perspective of the
 porte cochere and pool deck

Click image to enlarge

The Elevator core is topped out.
This photo, 05/14/07 by Andrew Livingston, shows
how much taller Palazzo is compared to her
sister, Venetian.  Click image to enlarge

Nice shot. Palazzo continues to rise behind
the lush landscaping of Wynn Las Vegas
Photo 05/05/07 by Mark Diederichsen

Photos 4/1/07 by Mark Adams, show the
strip-front facade nearing completion.

Work on the main  pedestrian,
domed, strip entrance (left) continues

Palazzo will have a wide
sidewalk along the strip

Photos 3/10/07 by Mark Diederichsen
Click images to enlarge

Construction photo 03/05/07 by Mark Diederichsen
shows the steel catching up with the almost topped
elevator core.

A shot from the Orleans (two miles away)
gives a nice size comparison between Wynn,
Mirage, Venetian and Palazzo.

Photo 2/14/07 by Mark E. Adams
Click image to enlarge

Photo 2/6/07 by Mark Diederichsen
 reveals the true glass color

Photo taken 2/1/07 by Steve Fisher

The photo (right), taken the same day,
shows the overall progress of this project.

Click images to enlarge

Photo 1/11/07 by Daniel Lamontagne
shows facade being attached

Click image to enlarge


  Photos 12/01/06 by Andrew

(left) shows the strip frontage
(right) shows the Port Cochere
Click images to enlarge

Construction photo taken 11/20/06 from our friends at
ratevegas.com, shows the elevator shaft of the rooms tower
 soaring to 35 floors
Click image to enlarge

Construction photo taken 9/15/06
Click image to enlarge

Construction photo (8/8/06) shows the main strip-front
Casino/Mall area.
Click image to enlarge

Palazzo starts to take shape. The rooms tower
can be seen straddling the elevator core.  5/25/06  
Click image to enlarge 

Construction photo taken 8/8/06

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