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A Desert Retreat for the Kings

You won't be visiting this amazing retreat, unless you are one of the few leaders of this planet.  The Universitas Leadership Sanctuary is proposed for the east end of Lake Las Vegas and...more



3/28/07 Skywalk Opens.
Imagine walking out over the Grand Canyon and staring 4,000  feet straight down into the Colorado River, while standing on four inches of glass...more


World's first Vertical Farm

Las Vegas will be the premier city for a new concept - urban farming. This 30-story farm will...more


Neon Museum

The old La Concha shell is being reassembled as the lobby for the Neon Museum down at the Neon Graveyard near Cashman Field.
Photos 12/29/07 by Scott Pinkerton


Blue Heron Homes

In this jungle of ubiquitous, tan, Mediterranean-styled homes, Blue Heron is building eco-friendly "green" Loft-Homes. A new enough concept to make it to the pages of VegasTodayAndTomorrow....  Read more

New rendering of the Hard Rock Cafe 10/8/07

Early rendering

Construction continues on the Showcase Mall
expansion. Photo 7/17/08 by an anonymous reader

Showcase Mall

An expansion is underway for the Showcase Mall on the Las Vegas strip.  Showcase Mall is located in front of the MGM Grand, across the strip from Monte Carlo (you know, the place with the M&M's store and the giant Coke bottle).

The project is a 100,000-sq. ft. expansion on the former Denny's site. The expansion is under construction with completion planned for 3rd quarter 2008.

NEWS 9/21/07 Las Vegas' second Hard Rock Cafe to be the primary tenant in the Showcase Mall expansion.  The new restaurant will be the flagship of Hard Rock Cafes and will use 41,000 of the 100,000-sq. ft. addition to the Showcase Mall. 

The three-story venue will have a large (three story) neon guitar outside. The first level will house a 3,364-sq. ft. Rock Shop.  The second floor will have a bar and a 700-seat dining area with over 7,000 sq. ft. and a 1,642-sq. ft, outdoor dining area, overlooking the strip.  The third floor will include a live music area for concerts, special events, and banquets.

This, along with Diablo's (right across the street) will bring more strip-front excitement to the area. The map (below) shows the area.

Click map to enlarge




Fremont East

The city of Las Vegas has created a new entertainment district. Located in the heart of the downtown area, the Fremont East Entertainment District sits as an extension to...more


Voyager Observation Wheel

Round and round she goes (but will she stop in Vegas?)

The folks at Voyager Entertainment insist that a giant, 600+-foot-tall observation wheel will be built in Las Vegas. So far, there have been seven (possible and failed) locations on or near the Las Vegas strip.

More on the Voyager observation wheel here


Monorail Expansion

News 12/07/06  Clark County Approves First Leg of Monorail Expansion

The county approved a proposal for a 3.5 mile extension of the existing monorail system with hopes that it will boost ridership of the existing system.  Linking the monorail with the airport will give travelers door-to-door service to many resorts without the expense and hassle of cabs and rental cars.

This project was slated to begin construction in 2008 and be operational by 2011, but due to setbacks, it is on hold for now.

The route is shown in orange on the map (left) (click map to enlarge). The route would start at McCarran Airport's new "Terminal 3" with the first stop at "Terminal 1", then north on Swenson stopping at the Thomas Mack Center at UNLV, continuing up Swenson and east on Harmon with stops at Hard Rock and the proposed Africa Israel project, then south on Koval turning east on Tropicana where it meets up with the existing system (shown in yellow) at the MGM Grand.

There was no mention of the plan to build the west extension (shown in green) which would link the west side properties.

News 2/03/06  Monorail Expansion Plans could add Over Eight Miles to Route

Officials agreed to move forward on plans to extend the monorail to McCarran International Airport, resorts on the west side of the Strip, and the Harmon Corridor.

Construction on the $1.3-billion plan could begin as soon as next year and triple the length of the existing system.  A map of the tentative plan is in the image (left).

The new construction would include eight miles of new track, 14 or 15 new stations and a second maintenance facility. The estimated cost is $500 million for the airport extension and $800 million for the west-side track.

If approved and funded, the new system could open as soon as 2010 along with CityCenter and Echelon Place.


                Click image to enlarge


World Jewelry Center

The World Jewelry Center, an iconic, state-of-the-art tower with approximately one million square feet of mixed-use space, will be one of the largest jewelry hubs on the planet. Located in downtown's Union Park , the new center will combine the corporate offices of domestic and ...

More details and renderings

World Market Center

8/8/08    Building C Opens

1/29/07   Building B Opens

More details and renderings

Downtown's 61 acre plan

Mayor Goodman is hell-bent on doing the right thing with the vacant 61 acres on the west side of downtown. The latest plans redefine the...

More on this here


Lou Ruvo Alzheimer's Institute Breaks Ground 2/9/07

Renowned architect Frank Gehry, the Pritzker Prize-winning creator of stunningly angular, metallic-skinned structures such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, has been commissioned to design...

...continue here


The Las Vegas Convention Center

The Las Vegas Convention Center is about to undergo a $737-million expansion.

Read more here


Stratosphere's High Roller Closed

The roller coaster on top of Stratosphere's  1,000-foot tower had its last run on December 31st at 2 AM.  Officials say that the ride, which has been in operation since the opening of the tower in 1996, has run its course.  The ride has been dismantled.  There is a rumor that a nightclub will be constructed within that space.



Molasky Corporate Center

Now open near the famed 61 acres, the $107-million, 16-story Molasky Corporate Center will host the Southern Nevada Water Authority as its first and primary tenet.

They plan to lease five of the building's eight floors for office space. The lease would allow the water authority to expand onto the other floors and possibly buy the whole building.

The building will open 2007 as one of downtown's largest, nongaming structures. It will consist of 192,000 square feet of office space over a 6-level parking garage. 
What is compelling and sets this building apart from other development in the valley is that it will have Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building certification. This will be one of only 200 such buildings  worldwide. The structure will use innovative, state of the art strategies for site development, efficient water and energy systems, low maintenance materials, smart building controls and other cost-effective services and amenities, Molasky Corporate Center will provide one of the highest quality work environments in downtown Las Vegas.

Construction photo 3/25/07

Click image to enlarge


McCarran Airport

McCarran Airport has undergone constant expansion for the last few years with no end in sight. As soon as one project is started, the next one is announced.

The rendering (top left) shows the latest plans. The northeast wing expansion of the D-gates opened up in April of 2007. D-Gates is a satellite gate system which uses the main airports baggage facilities. It requires a long walk or shuttle to get to and from the main airport.

The new terminal 3, which will include its own baggage claim and parking (solving the long walk issue), is slated for late 2011.

Map E-13

 Click image to enlarge


McCarran Rent-a-Car Center Facility

McCarran International Airport's massive new $123.3 million Rent-a-Car Center is completed and open. The project is designed to relieve the traffic issues (associated with car rental) away from the airport proper. It is situated on 79.2 acres at Gilespie Street and Warm Springs Road just south of the airport and near Las Vegas Blvd.

The facility consists of a three-level, 1.7-million sq. ft. garage capable of storing 6,000 cars. That's nearly the same amount of enclosed space as the Empire State Building.

The cast-in-place concrete garage will have an 11-acre footprint, which equals nine football fields laid side-by-side. Work on the project began in January 2005.

The project also entails a two-story, 131,000-sq. ft. customer service building. The steel-framed crescent-shaped structure will house 10 rental car companies capable of conducting 10,000 transactions per day.

Map C-15

 Click image to enlarge

 Click image to enlarge


  Click images to enlarge

Hoover Dam Bypass

Every day, more than 14,000 cars and trucks travel the steep and winding approach roads to Hoover Dam. There, they cross the Colorado River, driving across the dam on a two-lane highway. Built in the early 1930s when there was much less traffic, the approach roads have now become a major bottleneck and safety hazard for travelers and those dam tourists walking on and near the dam highway.

To solve this problem, the Federal Highway Administration has commissioned the Hoover Dam Bypass Project. The centerpiece of the project is a concrete arch, steel deck bridge with 1,500 feet of clear span, 890 feet above the river, that will carry four lanes of traffic. It will be the largest concrete arch bridge in the US. Gee, another record.

Work on the $234 million bypass and four-lane bridge is on-budget and in line to be finished in 2010.

Another flickr-find, this time from roseofredrock
taken on 7/3/09, shows the final forms being constructed.

A flickr-find from "another print please"
shot on 5/15/09 shows the arch almost complete.
Click image to enlarge

Work on the arch has begun. Photo 7/6/08 by Vider Sundsback

12/11/06   Now that the two major support pours are complete, work on the bridge has picked up pace (visually)
Photo by Don Pacho




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