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Staying Healthy in Vegas

Avoiding the "Vegas Cold"

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 The Facts:

Las Vegas is teaming with bacteria. Slot machine buttons rival toilet seats and shopping cart handles in the nastiest things to touch category. Most cold and flu germs are not caught via airborne bugs; they are transferred from your hand to an eye duct or nostril. Simply itching your nose with an unclean hand is all it takes.

The desert is also very dry.  Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics which dehydrate you even further. Intense sunshine and low humidity are other drying ingredients. Dried out nasal passages, lips and eyes are a welcome place for a virus to nest.

 The Solution: (this may seem obsessive, and it works)

Use a saline nasal spray. This is not a decongestant, it's simply non-medicated salt water. Use it all day whenever you think about it. You can't use too much. You can't OD on it. Keep it in your pocket. Do not use decongestants as they will dry you out more.

Use a good lip balm. Banana Boat and Neutrogena are great. Use it all day whenever you think about it. You can't use too much. You can't OD on it. Keep it in your pocket. Chapstick is not a good solution, as people can become addicted to the use of it. When the Chapstick wears off, your lips are dryer than they were before you used it and the evil cycle begins.  I too was addicted to Chapstick and switched to Neutrogena. Now I use it when needed, not everyday-all day.

Use moisturizing eye drops.  Similasin Eye Drops #1 is a sting-free, non-irritating formula to soothe, clear, and moisturize dry eyes and red eyes without harsh chemicals or vasoconstrictors like those found in Visine.

 Wash your hands frequently and carry some pocket Handy Wipes for convenience.

 Drink lots of water, at least one glass of water for every Cosmo or Latte you consume.

 Don't forget your Vitamins and take Echinacea and other Wellness wonders to keep your immune system tuned up.


 Friends who travel with me think I'm nuts, and I have the last laugh a few days later (not that their illness is funny).


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