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    Fremont East - The Block  
    More Downtown News
     This page was updated 9/5/10

       Fremont East District

The city of Las Vegas has created a new entertainment district. Located in the heart of the downtown area, the Fremont East Entertainment District sits as an extension to the popular Fremont Street Experience, which is visited by about 21 million tourists each year.

The city of Las Vegas and Fremont East property owners have committed $5.75 million through a public-private partnership toward a major streetscape installation for the Fremont East Entertainment District. This expansive streetscape will include pedestrian-friendly street redesign, landscaping and retro neon signage. The city is capitalizing on popular nostalgia by reviving the old glamour of vintage Las Vegas.

This new district is designed to lure new entertainment businesses to the area such as the newly opened Griffin lounge.
Eventually, the three-block area will be a destination for the party crowd.

This installation was dedicated on August 24, 2007.

The Venues

News 9/5/10   Since creating this page, many new clubs and businesses have opened along Fremont East and more are soon on their way. Here is a look at what's here and what's coming.


The Existing: Take 1 Nightclub, Don't Tell Mama (piano lounge), Beauty Bar (nightclub), Emergency Arts (working creative art collective), The Griffin (Pub) and The Downtown Cocktail Room (swanky ultra-lounge)

The soon-to-be-opened venues include the Vanguard Lounge, Maharaja Hookah Cafe and Azule Tequila
Photos 9/4/10 by Mark Adams



Photos 8/20/07


Construction Photos
Click  images to enlarge


Infrastructure complete, bring on the clubs



The new Fremont Street signs are being installed
photo 7/7/07 by Mark Adams


An early shot of the Fremont East area
(before construction).



Photos 7/6/07 by Aaron Auxier, show the widened sidewalks and two more of the large neon signs.


Photo 6/20/07 by Aaron Auxier, shows the narrowed street and the first of the new neon signs installed. Photo


Photo 03/20/07 shows the project under construction.
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