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      Fontainebleau Vegas News

      This page was updated 9/29/10

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This project is under new ownership and currently on hold
(read more in the news section below)

Latest News 9/29/10   It looks as though Carl Icahn is getting ready to unload the Fontainebleau, according to a report in the New York Post.  He's selling everything that's not welded in place. Beds, furniture, etc. are being sold. This seems like a strategy to get as much as possible out of the place before it's sold to another developer. 

Icahn is reported to have said that he has no plans in sight for the completion of the resort. Can the depressed Vegas hotel market handle another 4,000 rooms anytime soon? - I think not. 

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Fontainebleau (as it would have been)

The 3,812-room, 68-floor, 730-foot, Fontainebleau Las Vegas hotel/condo-hotel/casino is a 
$2.9-billion development being built on the Strip (just north of the Riviera) on the 24.5 acres where the El Rancho and Algiers casinos once stood.

The Vegas project will have a condo-hotel element, based on an alliance between Fontainebleau and Turnberry. Construction is under way with a planned opening in fall of 2009

The project will be modern and chic in design (reflecting the spirit of their famed Miami Beach hotel) and include:

- A 100,000-sq.-ft. casino 
- Lapis, a 60,000-sq.-ft. spa
- A 3,200-seat performing arts theater
- 1,018 condo-hotel units
- 300,000 sq.-ft. of retail space
- 390,000 sq.-ft .of indoor and outdoor conference space 
- State of the art nightclubs
- 27 restaurants and lounges

Signature dining experiences will include: 

 - The Michelin-star rated cuisine of executive-chef Alfred Portale at Gotham Steak
 - A regional Italian menu by James Beard Award recipient Chef Scott Conant
 - A renowned Chinese restaurant featuring Michelin-star rated Cantonese cuisine
- Indulgences, a 5,000-square-foot chocolate factory
The latest renderings (below) show:

- (below-left) The lobby will play host to a modern interpretation of Morris Lapidus' "Stairway to  Nowhere" The original is in the lobby of Fontainebleau Miami

- (below-right) The pedestrian entrance from the Strip (on the south side)

The seven-acre pool deck, floating 72-feet above the Las Vegas Strip, is designed as an 18-hour-a-day experience and the ultimate in adult playgrounds. Called Cloud 9, it includes five pools, three spas, three restaurants, a nightclub and ultra lounge, cabanas, and an open-air casino.

Model Shots 12/23/08

Various shots of the sexy model in the sales center
Photos 12/23/08 by Mark Adams

The video (below) shows the animated video screens on the podium levels
and the pool deck above.

If you enjoy this video, please visit its page at YouTube and rate it. You can leave a comment there as well.

Renderings 8/10/07

Convention lobby                             Pool area



The latest exterior renderings of Fontainebleau Las Vegas has a cleaner look. Compared to the earlier renderings (below), the overall design of the podium levels is much cleaner, the penthouse level is thicker and more pronounced, and the corners of the tower are a tighter radius. There are no balconies in this project.

Click images to enlarge.

Initial Renderings

First rendering of the Fontainebleau Las Vegas
Click image to enlarge.

A close-up of the Fontainebleau Las Vegas first
rendering, shows balconies in the center of the tower.
Click image to enlarge.

This crop from the Las Vegas Tower rendering, shows
the shape and layout of the Fontainebleau.


        Fontainebleau Las Vegas floor plans of the public areas and pool deck

Fontainebleau News & Views

NEWS    1/19/10  Carl Icahn buys Fontainebleau for only $156.2 million. Turnberry paid $140 million for the land alone. so now it's a wait-and-see.  Will Icahn continue developing the resort or will he wait for the recession to ease and unload it for a hefty profit.  Time will tell

NEWS    6/10/09  Fontainebleau files for bankruptcy while desperately seeking funding to complete the project.

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Sales Center looking good and almost ready to open
Photo 4/20/08 by Aaron Auxier

Fontainebleau sales center is getting a MiMo
treatment. Random round holes in the triangular
Porte Cochère supports are reminiscent of
50's-era Miami style. This is a big clue
as to what we can expect in the resort.
Photo 3/1/08 by Aaron Auxier


The Fontainebleau sales center is being built
across the strip from the resort, next to Sky
Photo 10/10/07 by Mark Diederichsen

Photo 7/30/07 by Mark Adams, shows Fontainebleau Vegas is blocking views from Turnberry Place (which is causing lots of turmoil from the residents there) due to the height of the parking/convention structure.



Fontainebleau Construction Photos


This shot (from the Hilton) shows clearly why Turnberry Places' owners are upset.
That's one hell of a view-blocking wall.
photo 5/9/09 by Matt Schryver


The crown (above) is nearing completion, looking closer we see the gap between the tower and the crown. I wonder how they will disguise the works and columns in there.

A view of the south side (left) shot from a high floor at the Riviera.
Photos 5/2/09 by Mark Adams

Two shots of the north side taken 5/2/09 by Greg Clarke



The swoop crown really compliments this behemoth of a tower.
Photo - flickr-find from 4/12/09 by Vegas Lover


Here's a nice assortment of photos from the past few days.
Starting with a beautiful flickr-find from "gbrummett" taken on 3/22/09
and a great shot from the roaming Daniel Harris.


This group shows the progress of the crown; which is getting an opaque, white, glass facade
Below, we get a good look at the pool deck.
Photos 3/19 - 22/09 by Randal Rayborn, Seva, Greg Clarke, Gary Wayne and Aaron Auxier 



The main Strip entrance in the first shot is taking shape.
The south side (next photo) along Riviera Blvd., has some interesting shapes where the podium meets the garage/conference center.  

Looking at the backside of Fontainebleau, we can see "decorative"  vent panels being installed. These exist due to complaints and concerns by condo owners at Turnberry Place.

The structure above the parking garage vents is the conference ctr.
Photos 1/19/09 by Randall Rayborn


A look around the Fontainebleau site from many angles.
Photos 12/23/08 by Mark Adams and Brian Alvarez.


Some up-close looks at Fontainebleau
from the flickr photo-stream of Ginther.
Photos taken 11/29/08

And one more showing the
crown's floor and shape.
 Photo by Lawrence's Lenses
at flickr from 11/27/08


At last the tower is topped and
work on the crown has begun.
Photo 11/15/08 by Randall Rayborn

This nice set of photos shows the tower still growing, despite reports that it is topped off. Requests for the real story as to the height and floor counts have not been answered.
Photos 11/11/08 by Mark Diederichsen

In these shots, Fontainebleau dwarfs its neighbors
(Turnberry, Hilton Grand Vacations and Sky Las Vegas).
Photos 10/19/08 by Daniel Harris

        One floor to go before the two-story crown level.
Photos 10/18/08 by Andrew Barber

Vegas' tallest building is close to being topped-out
Photo 9/9/08 by TheArtTropper at Flickr


58 floors up, 5 to go. Fontainebleau is
moving along at a fast and steady pace
Photos 9/5/08 by Keith Markland


The podium levels at Fontainebleau are
filling in, while the tower continues rising.
Photos 8/23/08 by Aaron Auxier



Four shots from 7/13/08 by Mark Diederichsen, show the progress of Fontainebleau.


Great shot of the southwest corner of Fontainebleau
Photo 6/26/08 by Zach Henderson


Shot from the Stratosphere, Fontainebleau
dominates the north end of The Strip. Only the
very front of the
Riviera is still visible
Photo 5/30/08 by Dan Maldonado


Shot from the Hilton (far left), through Turnberry Place, this photo gives us a good view of the height of Fontainebleau's parking garage and conference center. It also helps to explain why Turnberry's residents are complaining. Photo 5/26/08
The photo (near left) by Aaron Auxier, shows the project as seen from The Strip.


Building the 39th floor
photo 5/4/08 by Scott Becker


Working on the 37th floor and podium filling in.
Photo 4/27/08 by anonymous

The podium levels are taking shape
Photo 3/21/08

Thirty floors and counting, Fontainebleau's construction pace is steady.
The bleau glass shows off the subtly-curved shape of the tower.
Photos 3/14/08 by Mark Diederichsen



Fontainebleau's tower is up to the 27th floor. (left and center)
Work has begun on the podium (right).


Former Strip view from Turnberry Place 11th floor.
Fontainebleau's parking garage/convention center blocks what was a great view.

Photos 3/1/08 by Aaron Auxier


Shot from Turnberry Place, this photo shows Fontainebleau from the back and how the parking/convention center is creeping northward.

Photo 2/2/08 by Mark Diederichsen


Fontainebleau getting its first glass. Photos 2/2/08 by
Mark Diederichsen


Work continues on the Fontainebleau Sales Center (foreground) while the resort rises.
Photo 1/22/08 by Mark Diederichsen


Main tower up to the 21st floor.
Parking garage with conference center above
has reached its full  height.
Photo 1/21/08 taken from Allure


Working on the 17th floor, no glass yet.
Photo 12/13/07 by Rick Moses


Dawn 11\14\07
Overall view of podium site
Tower to the 12th floor
Photo by Mark Adams


Fontainebleau's main tower is starting
to look serious. 11 Floors already.
Photo 11/03/07 by Scott Becker


Nice shot from the Stratosphere on 9/30/07
by Erik Warnke

          These two shots, 09/26/07 by Fran,
were taken from the  7th floor of the
Fontainebleau tower. The area in the photos
will be the podium levels of the resort.

Work continues on the tower's fifth floor
in this photo from 9/3/07 by Scott Becker


Photo 8/17/07 by an anonymous construction worker,
shows progress at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas site.


Photo 7/15/07 by Mark Diederichsen
shows east side of Fontainebleau Vegas. The main
tower up to the third floor.


Construction photo 6/25/07 by Aaron Auxier
from the top of Allure Las Vegas
shows the bulk of the site and main tower
which is already up to its second floor



Before and after the big concrete pour of 6/9/07
The foundation is in and the tower crane
supports can be seen.
Photos 6/5 and 6/11


Photo shows the south side of the project.
6/10/07 by Mark Diederichsen


Well, they finally announced that Fontainebleau
is officially under construction. In this photo,
you can see the main tower foundation in the
foreground and the parking garage in the
background.  Photo 4/30/07 by Greg McClenon


OK, for a project that hasn't officially announced
groundbreaking, this is certainly construction.
As a note, Palms Place didn't announce
groundbreaking until they reached
three floors, go figure.
Photo 4/14/07 by Mark Diederichsen


Looks like construction to me

Photo 3/13/07 by Mark E. Adams
Click images to enlarge

      Photos 2/17/07
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