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    Las Vegas Convention Center News
          This page was updated 11/17/11

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Las Vegas Convention Center Expansion


News 11/17/11  The Expansion is Back on.

Rossi Ralenkotter, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority claims the about 16 months is needed to reexamine the plans and costs.
So, we should hear something as March 2013 approaches.

This Project is Stalled

News 4/20/06   The Convention Center has purchased a parcel of land from the Las Vegas Country Club which will allow them to straighten the curvy, Joe W. Brown Road which is behind the center to the east.  This will widen the area behind the Center Hall which will then be enlarged by 200,000 sq. ft.  Diagram coming soon.

News 2/26/06  The Las Vegas Convention Center is about to undergo a $737-million expansion. The expansion is intended to increase the center's meeting space and common areas as well as improve the building's overall design.

The 500,000-square foot expansion includes 145,000 square feet of dedicated meeting space and a ballroom measuring about 100,000 square feet.

The increases will add:
67% more food service,
37% of meeting space
78% increase in restaurant space

The project also includes:

-A lobby along the length of the South Hall
-A grand concourse to tie together the center's three halls 
-A signature facade in front of the building.
-An enclosed connector from the monorail station
-A Police/Fire facility (now completed)

Construction was expected to begin during the first quarter of 2006 and was to continue in phases over three-and-a-half years

The last expansion to the center (in 2002) added the South Hall, which gave the center a total of 2 million square feet of exhibit space.


    Click image to enlarge         Expansion areas are blue




2/2/08 More new renderings

New Renderings 7/2/07

New renderings of the new reception-lobby area
show a unique (fresh) design, quite different
 than the earlier renderings below.



3/10/06  First Renderings Released

The renderings below are nothing like the final plans (which can be seen above)

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