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     Cay Club News
      This page was updated 10/14/07

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Cay Club Proposed

This Project is Cancelled

Las Vegas may get a Cay Club. Normally associated with more nautical venues, Cay Clubs is a unique approach to the condo/hotel market.  Cay Club offer an attractive freehold opportunity for buy-to-let investment with a unique leaseback arrangement.  Units can be rented on a nightly basis, much like a hotel.

The project will have rooftop pools with a commanding view of the Las Vegas Strip, a world class health spa and a restaurant which will offer room service. 

Proposed Tram will Link Cay Club with Rio

This project also calls for a tram which will connect the Cay Club to the Rio's parking garage. The tram will run parallel to the existing railroad tracks.

Existing Timeshares will be Surrounded by the Cay Club

The Cay Club will be built around the existing low-rise condos on the property. This makes it a very unusual project.


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