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From the Las Vegas Sun and the Las Vegas Weekly
Dream city: The Vegas skyline that might have been

From the Los Angeles Times

The Dead Dreams of Vegas   (page deleted)

From Las Vegas City Life
Moulin Rouge v/s Moulin Rouge   (page deleted)

From Las Vegas City Life
Old, ugly and in the way

From VegasTripping.com
Interview with Mark Adams from VegasTodayAndTomorrow

From the Las Vegas Business Press
"A Foot in the past, another in the future"

From Las Vegas City Life
"An eye in the sky"




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VegasTodayAndTomorrow.com nominated for the
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VegasTodayAndTomorrow.com wins

2008 Trippies Award (readers poll) for
"Best Vegas Website"

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VegasTodayAndTomorrow.com wins the
2007 Trippies Award (readers poll) for
"Best Vegas Website"
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Trippies 2006 - The Best and Worst of Las Vegas
VegasTodayAndTomorrow.com wins the
2006 Trippies Award (readers poll) for
"Best Vegas Website"
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VegasTodayAndTomorrow.com came to be

Back in 2003, when I learned that Steve Wynn was building Wynn Las Vegas, I started looking for more info, because I'm an architecture enthusiast with an interest in Vegas.  Well, the tight-lipped Wynn didn't let much info out about his new resort.  I did find an aerial photo website that posted weekly photo updates of the construction and a few other photo sites where users posted photos of their Vegas vacations.  I kept searching and found some architecture sites which showed other Vegas projects but nothing on Wynn.

Then it happened; projects were being announced left and right.  New resorts, condos and other developments started popping up weekly, which gave me many more things to research.  As I researched these projects, I kept stumbling on more and more, and began to wonder why nobody had started a website devoted to this phenomena.  I then decided to be that somebody.

Ease of navigation, accuracy, and conciseness were paramount in the overall design of the site, as there was to be much content.  I gathered my info from: countless websites, forums, city and county planning agendas, developers, architects, title companies, public relations (at the resorts), fans, and more.

There are more than enough travel-based Vegas sites - talking about rooms, food, clubs, and entertainment.  My website was to be about the future, development, urbanization, and architecture (with a little fun and history thrown in).

Everything was falling into place, except that I had no good maps.  I needed some awesome maps and there were none to be found.  So, I spent countless hours (probably 400+) creating
THE Maps.

At first, this was a hobby, then I began getting offers from Realtors and developers for the use of the maps.  The maps are actually quite big 2.5'x 5' and 200 dpi (that's about a 1-gig file) and in their full resolution, print out beautifully for hanging in sales offices and crop nicely for PowerPoint presentations.  My maps can now be seen in the sales offices of Marriott's Grand Chateau, Allure, Panorama Towers, Verge, juhl, Streamline Tower, and on several Realtor websites.

It's been fun, I've met a lot of folks along the way, and the business is growing nicely. Many thanks to those of you who have contributed info and photos.

Mark E. Adams




There have been many contributors to VegasTodayAndTomorrow, and with many thanks, they are as follows:


Aaron Auxier

Greg Clarke

Mark Diederichsen
Joel Rosales
Hunter Hillegas
Steve Fisher
Greg McClenon
Andrew Livingston
Scott Becker
Erik Warnke
Mark Stanley
Jesse "Jake" Holder
Greg Hann
Gary Clayton
Scott Pinkerton
Cheryl Albert
Bill Adams
Chad Minami
Mark Meland
Jon Buhay
Daniel Harris
Andrew Pujic
Jennifer Miller
Marco Schelbergen
Matthew Nunley
Laura P. Thomas


Miguel Villegas
Dusty Wittman
Kyle Bender
Tom Willer
David Wright
Anthony Angus
Matthew Schryver
Gary W Wayne
Rick Moses
Andrew Barber
Dave Cummings
Charlie Shen
Amie Becker
Clifford Martin
Angela Qustandi
Davy Ligneel
Jay Abramson
Sean Patrick
Steve Kim
Daniel Lamontagne
Damien Ernst
Steven Shultz
Andrew Stoner
Lee Strom
Jeremy Smiech
Clint Bautz
Jason Cronkhite


JR Restoule
Cheryl Albert
Carlos Reynoso
Jonathan Williams
Jason Cunningham
Graham Rothwell
Steven Ross
Bryan Machol
Pete Kokkinis
Zach Henderson
Jay Warner
Reggie Sanchez
Dan McLean
Hal French
Bob Ward
J. B. Matecki
Charles Hildebrant
Andreas Loidl
Scott Grady
Keith Markland
Zahir Rajani
Dan Sheffer
Jean Paul Olivelli
Randall Rayborn
John Diosdado

   ...and the few I may have missed

Voluntary Proofreading

Special thanks to the undying efforts of Paul Modica


  Fact Contributors

Anthony Bondi
David McKee
Richard Hannigan
Dan Campbell
Mark Peveler
John Lee
Greg McClenon
Bea Goodwin
David Cummings
"Downtown Steve" Franklin


"Uncle Jack" LeVine
Brian Paco Alvarez
Greg Clarke
Joe Blagg
Joel Rosales
Richard Lee
Joel Kirkwood
Kurt Ouchida
Joyce Demer
Joel Bergman BWA
Stealth Steve (you know who you are)
...and many more

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